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Welcome to Fallen Industries Recording Studio & Rehearsal rooms, Wirral, servicing local bands and musicians based in the Liverpool, Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales areas witha quality.

Fallen Industries also provide a wide range of professional music education and training services, including individual & group lessons, workshops and arts award accredited courses which convert into valuable UCAS university entry points.

To discuss specific requirements please call 0151 678 5304 or send a message now.


Fallen Industries has 7 Rehearsal Studios, available to book at any time between 10am-2am Weekdays & Weekends:


0151 678 5304

Weekday rates: £15/h

All other times:
2 hour session = £35
3 hour session = £50
Permanent Room Share = £250

Prices include the following equipment use:

* PA with Mics, Stands & Cables
* Drum Kit
* Guitar Amps
* Bass Amp
* Stands & Accessories

Each studio is professionally soundproofed and acoustically treated meaning you wont be disturbed by your neighbours and can play as loud as you like.

Minimum booking is for 2 Hours, including setup.

FITV on YouTube